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Can I make copies of materials from the Library?

The Library has one publicly-funded photocopier. It does not accept cash or Co-op copy cards.
・To make a public-funded copy: You can use the photocopier if you are a member of the Graduate School of Informatics, Graduate School of Engineering or the Graduate School of Energy Science, and in possession of a publicly-funded copy card. If you belong to another school at the University, a Kyoto University document copying form is required.
  Be careful not to infringe the copyright when copying.
To make a copy at your own expense: There is no photocopier that allows copies to be made at your own expense. We are afraid that you will have to go through the borrowing procedure and use the photocopiers in the Co-op etc..

I am not a member of the university. Can I apply to receive copies of documents?

We can send you copies if you make an Interlibrary Copy Request.
Please apply to the Interlibrary Service, Kyoto University Library,
via libraries of member institutions or your local public Library.
If the material you require is a degree thesis, a Master’s thesis or a graduation thesis, consent from the author is required. It is therefore necessary that you ask the Graduate School of Informatics Library before submitting your application. If the materials you require are held in the Laboratory, the copying can take some time.

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