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Using materials 1

Borrowing/returning/renewing etc. of library materials

Can I borrow materials which OPAC lists as being held in No. 2 stack room?

Yes, you can. Please ask at the counter.
The library staff will give you the key to the stack room in exchange for your student/staff ID card.

Can I extend the borrowing period?

Yes, you can extend (renew) the borrowing period provided two conditions are met – firstly, that no one has made reservation on the borrowed materials and secondly that the materials are not overdue.
You can renew as many times as you like by asking at the counter. Note that you can only renew once via the MyKULINE system. For subsequent renewals, please ask at the counter.

The materials I have borrowed are overdue. Is there a penalty?

The Library does not impose any penalties. However, you may be inconveniencing other users, and so we would ask that you obey the rules.

Can you tell me where special editions/extra numbers with a call number like [SUK||||B114] or [TEC||||40] are kept?

Materials in Japanese and English are both arranged according to the Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC), with Japanese materials first. Serials such as special editions of “Interface” and extra numbers of “Mathematical Sciences” are to be found with the bound serials. The bound serials are provided with the Japanese serials first (Japanese alphabetic order) and the Western serials (alphabetic order) second. [SUK||||B114], then, will be found at the back of the bound Interface serials.

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